Help using your University email: Webmail, Exchange, & UOmail

Categories (4)

Setting Up Your Email

Step-by-step instructions on how to configure your email program.

Using Your Email

How to use UO email services.

Moving Your Email

Learn about moving between email systems and exporting mail when you leave the University.

Spam Filtering & Email Security

Information on Proofpoint, UO's spam filtering service, how to report phishing email, and other email security topics

Articles (6)

Pinned Article All About Email at UO

Find out which email system you're using, how to access it online, and which email programs are supported.

Do I Get to Keep My University Email Account?

Do I get to keep my email account after I leave or graduate from the university?

Exchange Send As Permission

Exchange email users may require Send As permission for another exchange mailbox.

Lifetime email forward for graduating students FAQ

Graduating students are eligible for a lifetime email forward from their email address (Webmail). This page answers common questions about that service.

UO Microsoft Exchange

This page describes the features of the UO Microsoft Exchange service including a service description, how to obtain the service and how to get support.