Information on Proofpoint, UO's spam filtering service, how to report phishing email, and other email security topics

Articles (8)

Adding an Email Address to Your Safe Sender List

Setting up "safe senders" in your email so they are not marked as spam.

Blocking an Email Address

Blocking individual email addresses or domains from sending you mail.

Email Phishing

How to report phishing attempts to our Information Security Office.

Spam Filtering General Information

Article summarizing spam filtering in Proofpoint.

SPF and DKIM for Third Party Mail Senders

Configuring email security protocols in regard to validating third party email vendors that send email on behalf of the University of Oregon

SPF/DKIM/DMARC and Email Forwarding

An overview of some of the issues that may be encountered when forwarding your UO email to another service.

URL Link Protection

URL link protection automatically changes website addresses (URLs) sent in emails. When you click on a link in an email message, that link gets checked to see if it is malicious. If so, you are taken to a notification website. If not, you are taken to the actual website. Some figures are listed in the article displaying what some of these "URL blocked" notifications will look like.

Viewing Full Email Headers

How to see full headers in emails.