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Mailman is a bulk email service that uses curated lists to communicate with large groups.

UOmail Lists and Groups

Articles on how to use distribution lists and groups in UOmail. To see all available articles in this category, please log in with your Duck ID.

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Adding additional mailboxes to your Outlook account

Step-by-step instructions on how to add additional mailboxes to your Outlook email account.

Adding an Email Address to Your Safe Sender List

Setting up a safe sender list in your email so they are not marked as spam.

Archiving Your Email

Creating archive files of your email to your local hard drive.

Blocking an Email Address

Blocking individual email addresses or domains from sending you mail.

Delay sending email in Outlook

Learn how to schedule sending an email at a future time.

Email Forwarding for Students and Alumni

Instructions for students on forwarding email to an external address.

Exchange and UOmail: Adding a Profile Picture

Adding a profile photo in Exchange and UOmail.

Exchange Send As Permission

Exchange email users may require Send As permission for another Exchange mailbox.

Forwarding an Email as an Attachment

How to forward an email as an attachment.

Setting an Email Signature in Microsoft Outlook

This article will provide information about how to find and enter a signature file in Microsoft Outlook. It will also help you find the UO Communications signature file page and template.

Setting Up an Email Auto-Reply

Setup your email to send an auto-reply.

UOmail Junk Email Folder

A description of the Junk Email folder in UOmail, with an FAQ and troubleshooting tips.

UOmail: Prompts asking for permission

When you first open your email program after your move, you may get prompts asking for permission for a new server to configure your settings. Click the link to learn more.

UOmail: Remote Wipe Capability on Mobile Devices

This page describes the feature of remote wiping your mobile device from UOmail.

UOmail: Using Outlook on the web

How to use UOmail through Outlook on the web, including email, calendaring, and other features.

Viewing Full Email Headers

How to see full headers in emails.