Email Forwarding for Students and Alumni

Note for Faculty and Staff: Information Services and the Information Security Office strongly discourage the use of email forwarding by University of Oregon employees, especially by faculty. University employees are responsible for complying with local, state, and federal laws, including FERPA. Communication between faculty and students often contains sensitive information that is protected by FERPA, and that information should stay within the university’s official email services. (Policy: Use of Email for Official and Mass Communications.).


This article describes how students can forward their email to external addresses. Please be sure to read all notes and warnings on this page.

This article contains instructions for:

Students using UOmail

Note: The university cannot guarantee delivery of email to third-party email providers. With Modern Auth (Oauth2) forwarding to another account will not let you Send As with your UOmail account.

To view or change your email forwarding:

  1. Go to (UOmail).
  2. Log in with your email address and password.
  3. In the top right corner, click on the gear icon ⚙ (settings).
  4. Find and click View all Outlook settings.
  5. Click on Forwarding in the navigation pane.
  6. Check the Enable forwarding box.
  7. Enter the full email address you want to forward to.
  8. Recommended: check Keep a copy of forwarded messages to keep a copy of the email in the UOmail system.
  9. Click the Save button at the top. Your changes are now saved and you can close the window.
  10. To disable, follow the same process as above but uncheck the Enable forwarding box and click the Save button.

Alumni email forwarding

Lifetime email forwarding is available to UO alumni who have been awarded a degree in Fall 2017 or later

The following degree types are eligible: 

  • Baccalaureate (Bachelor's) Degree
  • Law Degree
  • Graduate Certificate
  • Master's Degree
  • Doctoral Degree

Alumni forwarding will become available after your access to UOmail ends. If you still have access to UOmail, please see the instructions above.

To set/remove your email forward

  1. Go to Duck ID Account Management
  2. Select Manage Your Duck ID
  3. Log in with your username, password, and complete verification
  4. Under My Profile, click View and update profile
  5. Scroll to the bottom and find the Request box
  6. Click Update extended attributes
  7. Enter or update your email forward address
    1. You may enter multiple address by clicking the plus sign
    2. Warning! If you see as your current forward, you cannot change your forward here. You should change your forward in UOmail.
  8. Click Submit
  9. You will see Your request was successfully submitted
  10. You are done and can Logout
Note: To disable forwarding, follow the same process as above but remove the email address and click Submit.


Tips for Alumni

  • Although you can setup an email forward if eligible, existing email is only stored for a limited time. If you want to keep anything that is stored in your UOmail inbox you must save it before you lose access.  See access timelines for more information.
  • You will continue to be able to update your forward after you leave.  Please review your account recovery information to make sure it is up to date in case you forget your password.
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