Using Send Later in UOmail


This article is intended to guide UOmail users through the process of using the Send Later feature. This allows you to delay the sending of email until a prescribed time.

It is available through Outlook 365 desktop clients for Windows and macOS as well as Outlook for the web.


When you have completed a message:

Draft message window with Send menu and Send Later option highlighted.

  1. Select the small down arrow next to the Send button.
  2. The Send later option will appear.

Once Send Later is selected, choose the date and time you wish to send your message, then select Send.

The message will appear in the Drafts folder of your account with the date and time attached to it. If you would like to edit the message or cancel the scheduled sending time, select Cancel Send. Repeat the process above if you want to use Send Later again.

View of the message to send later in Draft folder


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