Telephone Department and Staff Directory Update


How do I submit changes to the department and/or staff listings in the UO Directory?


  1. From a web browser, open IS Directory Search.
  2. Once you have logged in, it will direct you to the page where you can enter your department(s).
  3. Search for your department or unit.
  4. The directory search field will match the string you type in the search field (no wild character needed) and will return possible options in a drop-down list below the field.
  5. Select a Department from the list to display department information and staff information.
  6. (Optional) After selecting a department you can enter a new search term in the field to make a new selection.
  7. If after viewing the department and/or staff listing you determine there are updates due, click on the respective Download link to download a copy of the listing and save as a Microsoft Excel file.
  8. When the document opens in Excel, note that you may see a bar at the top of the document that indicates you may need to Enable Editing. If presented with this bar, click the Enable Editing button. 
  9. At this point you should be able to edit the document and make any needed changes.  NOTE:  We can only add or update information for campus phone numbers and addresses.
    1. For Adds and Changes  - Enter updates and change the color of the font. i.e. any update should be a different color than the default font color.
    2. For Deletes - Strike through each entry to be removed and change the font color from the default color.
    3. Don't worry too much about the formatting of the document (e.g., font style, spacing). As long as the information you want to convey is there in the basic form you want it presented (entries are present in the right order). We use your document to update records in Banner, which will be the source of the data for the online searches.
  10. VERY IMPORTANT!!! When you are done making edits, Save your work somewhere you can find the edited document, perhaps your computer's desktop or Documents folder.  
    1. If you do not save your work, the changes will not be saved.
    2. We recommend you name the file something useful, using the name of the department and whether it's a department or staff listing
  11. Repeat for any department or staff listings you need to change. Download the respective listing, edit as needed, and save into a useful file name.
  12. Submit your changes to the UO Directory service page, click on the Request Help button, complete the form and attach the Excel document(s) you edited earlier so they are included as email attachments.
  13. Please Note: Only changes that can be made to the staff listings is the address and phone number
    1. Changes to Job Titles are done by submitting PRFs to HR. 
    2. Misspelled Job Titles are corrected by contacting the Payroll Office.
    3. The directory automatically includes the UO ( email address for each employee. No other email addresses can be listed.
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