Exchange Send As Permission


Exchange email users may require Send As permission for another Exchange mailbox.  Use the Send As permission to configure a mailbox so that users other than the mailbox owner can use that mailbox to send messages. After this permission is granted, any messages that are sent from the mailbox will appear as if they were sent by the mailbox owner.


Before requesting Send As privileges to a user mailbox, please perform the following steps:

  1. Create an AD Group in your OU with a name similar to IS.EXCH.[USERNAME].SendAs or identify an existing Group for this purpose. The [USERNAME] should match the username of the account you are adding Send As permissions to.
  2. Grant that group full mailbox access to the account it needs Send As permission to.

Using a group to define these Send As permissions allows you to control who gets Send As access in the future by simply managing the membership of the group. 


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