UOmail: Remote Wipe Capability on Mobile Devices


This page addresses the following warning message that displays when a UOmail account is added to or updated on a mobile device:

"Adding an Exchange account will allow the Exchange administrator to remotely manage your device.  The administrator may collect personal data, add/remove accounts and restrictions, list, install and manage apps, and remotely erase data on your device."


What does this message mean?

When you add a new or updated UOmail account to your mobile device, the above message may be displayed, saying the Exchange administrator can remotely manage your device, including remotely erasing data (also known as wiping). This language is provided by Microsoft and cannot be changed by the University of Oregon.

The Microsoft systems behind the UOmail service include a remote device wipe capability. Microsoft provides this functionality as a means to safeguard the device (and more specifically, UO data), from unauthorized access, theft, larger attacks, etcThe scope of the device wipe capability depends on whether you want access to your UO email account on your mobile device and, if so, how you are using your UO account on your mobile device.

  • If you're using the UO account only in the Outlook app, then the remote wipe capability applies only to data within the Outlook app. 
  • If the UO email account is configured to work with your device's native mail and calendaring apps (for example: iOS Mail, iOS Calendar, iOS Contacts), then this remote wipe capability can be used to wipe the entire device
  • If you access email through a web browser on your device, then no remote access is possible through this feature.

Information Services will never use these features without the permission of the user. Users can request assistance through Email and Calendar Help.

Can I wipe my own mobile device?

If you would like to remotely wipe your own mobile device — for example, in the event of a lost or stolen device — we recommend following the instructions provided by Apple (iOS) or Google (Android):

Get Help

To request help online, see Email and Calendar Help.


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