Step-by-step instructions on how to configure your email program. To see all articles in this category, please log in with your Duck ID.

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Setup by Operating System/Platform

For articles specific to your device's operating system or mail platform.

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Pinned Article All About Email at UO

Find out which email system you're using, how to access it online, and which email programs are supported.

Pinned Article Getting Started with UOmail

Learn how to get started with your UOmail email and calendar.

General Email Settings for Other Devices or Programs

Generic information on email client settings.

Modern Authentication

This article contains information on Modern Auth, what does and doesn't work, and what you need to know if you run into an error while setting up your email.

Setting Up UOmail: Outlook on the web

Learn about using Outlook on the web for UOmail, and choosing between that and the Outlook application for your device or computer.