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Learn about using Outlook on the web for UOmail, and choosing between that and the Outlook application for your device or computer. Learn how to login to outlook on the web browser and what to expect when logging in.
This article contains information on Modern Auth, what does and doesn't work, and what you need to know if you run into an error while setting up your email.
Generic information on email client settings.
Find out which email system you're using, how to access it online, and which email programs are supported.
Learn how to get started with your UOmail email and calendar.
Information on adding and sharing Outlook calendars.
Learn how to schedule a meeting with Scheduling Poll.
The following examples are best practices for managing a calendar in UOmail.
Learn how to set office hours using Microsoft Bookings.
Learn how to modify or cancel an appointment in Bookings.
Learn how to use Microsoft Bookings to create a public calendar with bookable appointments.
Tips for success and getting started with Microsoft Bookings.