Modifying or canceling an appointment in Bookings


Learn how to modify or cancel an appointment in Bookings.

Please Note: Since Outlook syncs with Bookings (and not vice versa), canceling can only be done through Bookings.

For calendar owners

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Bookings with your Duck ID
  2. Select the Calendar menu option along the left-hand side of the screen
  3. Double-click on the appointment you wish to modify or cancel
    1. If you wish to modify it, change any of the original settings then select the Save tab above the appointment details
    2. If you wish to cancel it, select the Cancel Booking tab above the appointment details. You may add a reason as to why you are canceling if you wish
      1. Select Cancel Booking to complete the process
  4. Once modified or canceled, both the calendar owner and appointee are notified through email

For appointees

  1. Open the booking confirmation email message that you received
  2. Select Change your appointment at the bottom of that email message
    1. If you wish to modify it, select Reschedule
      1. You will be guided back to the Booking calendar to create a new appointment and you will need to cancel the previous one.
    2. If you wish to cancel it, select Cancel booking
  3. Once the appointment is modified or canceled, the appointee and the calendar owner are notified through email

Need Help?

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