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This article shares some tips for success with Microsoft Bookings.

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Microsoft Bookings has an old and new user interface. When listed, select the old or new link to see the settings screens for your chosen interface.

Assigning multiple administrators per calendar

Make sure to have at least two administrators on your Bookings calendar. UO IT administrators do not have the ability to add or change owners of Bookings calendars for you. This will help avoid lockout situations if a calendar administrator is out of office or leaves the university.

Setting your Time Zone

Navigate to Settings, then Booking Page. Under Manage your booking page, select the option for Region and time zone settings 

Select the Region and Time Zone settings option

Change the Current time zone option to (UTC-8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Select the Pacific Time Zone from the drop-down menu

Customizing staff availability

If you wish to set custom hours, or non-bookable staff, this is where those settings are located.

  1. Navigate to Settings, and then Booking Page. Under Manage your booking page select the option for Default Scheduling Policy.
  2. At the bottom of this section, under Availability, set your preference for General availabilityDefault Scheduling Policy > Availability

Adjusting the default pricing setting

You may wish to remove pricing if it is not applicable to the sessions you are scheduling.

When you add a service:

  • Set the price to Price not set if you do not want pricing information included at all
  • Set the price to Free if you want the service to specify that it is free

Navigate to Settings, and then Services. Select Edit Service (the pencil icon) next to the service you want to change. If you have not yet created a service, Add new service first.

Go to Services, then select Edit service when hovering over the desired service.

Inside your service, set the Default price as desired then click Save changes

Select the Default price from the drop-down menu then click Save changes.


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