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The Audio Visual Services Video Production Team at Information Services offers professional video production, live streaming, and video conferencing services to the University of Oregon community, state agencies, and non-profit organizations. 

Facilities include professional video and audio production studios, educational video conference/distance education studio classroom, including the following services:


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Video Production (studio & on-location recordings, post-production services & custom editing projects) Live Web Streaming 
On-demand video streaming on our YouTube Channel and Video Conferencing

Video Editing

Audio Recording 


Knight Library 45 | TV Studio:

Our TV studio is located on the ground floor of the Knight Library where our team conducts video production services and broadcast feeds.


Video Production Control Rooms:

The following is a list of general pool classrooms with hardware video production and conferencing capabilities.

Note: We are currently refreshing our control rooms to provide the best services possible to campus. Therefore, the availability of certain control rooms will be limited. Please contact us for updates on availability.


Availability and Access

This service is available to University of Oregon community, state agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Office Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday through Friday (Production requests are accepted outside regular office hours and on weekends.)

Location: 1501 Kincaid Ave, Eugene, OR 97403, Ground Floor, UO Knight Library.



  • For event room scheduling and advanced audio production, contact UO Scheduling & Event Services (541) 346-6000 or
  • Scheduling requests for Knight Library 36, (Studio A) should be submitted to Melodie Moore, Information Services, at (541) 346-1943 or 


How to Create a Ticket

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