UO Videoconferencing Standards


This article provides a list of standards to follow when purchasing videoconferencing equipment at the University of Oregon and a list of systems supported by Information Services (IS).

Standards for Room Systems

  1. Room systems should be Windows 10-based. This allows the ability to send out both Teams and Zoom meeting invites. If the system is intended for bring-your-own-device (BYOD)-only, this is not required. 
  2. Room systems should be one-touch to join and Microsoft Exchange enabled. This allows users to invite the meeting/conference room through Microsoft Exchange. This ensures a standardized user-friendly experience by enabling the room to join the meeting with a touch of a button. 
  3. Room systems should have the capability to allow users to bring their own device to initiate a meeting. This requires the user to connect their laptop to a supplied HDMI and USB cable. 
  4. Room systems will require a Microsoft Teams license for the one-touch to join feature. Because the Microsoft Teams license also supports Zoom functionality, Zoom room licenses will not be issued to avoid unnecessary costs and management overhead. 

IS Approved and Supported Room Systems

This list will be updated over time as systems are approved and supported.

Videoconference Systems

BYOD-only devices



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