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Service Description

The University of Oregon offers a variety of tools and services for hosting, publishing, and managing online content. The web development and hosting service can assist the UO community with creating and administering a dynamic, secure, and recognizable web presence.

I am I need Solution
Faculty, staff, researcher, student

an easy way to create a course, lab, or personal website without hiring a web developer, or

a blog or WordPress-based site for academic use

UO Blogs
Faculty, staff, researcher, student an html-based personal website for academic use pages.uoregon.edu
IT team (system administrator, application administrator, website developer) hosting for a Drupal-driven website Drupal Hosting
ASUO-recognized student group a website for my club, student union, or other ASUO-recognized group OrgSync

Click on the Request Help button for additional help understanding where to host a website and what the options are, for assistance with an existing site, or to report an issue with a website.

Available To

Faculty, staff, and students.


All UO web service fall under the Terms of Service for Academic Web Publishing and Collaboration Services.

For UO Drupal Hosting, the use of this service requires technical knowledge of Drupal. For further information , see the Drupal Hosting Terms of Service.

Accessing the Service

Click on the Request Help button.


Visit our Websites knowledge base for all related how-to and informational articles.

Support Contact

Click on the Request Help button on this page.

Service Levels

The UO Drupal Hosting, UO Blogs and Pages Services will use the currently defined maintenance window as follows: Tuesday 5am-7am.

To check the status of UO web services, go to status.uoregon.edu.

To report an outage, please use this Service Outage form.

Service Charges

There are no additional charges for the use of this service.

Service Provider

Information Services


Drupal, Drupal CMS, CMS, web hosting, website, web site, Aegir

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OrgSync, UO Blogs, Pages, Drupal Hosting

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