UO Blogs: Adding and Deleting Users From Your Blog


  • Additional users can be added to a blog. You might want to add a user if your blog is private and only visible to registered subscribers, yet you also would like to have others contribute content.

  • Adding additional users to your blog or site is great for collaboration purposes. 


Add Existing Users
As an administrator of your blog, you can add other registered users (users who have already logged into blogs.uoregon.edu with their Duck ID and password). For instructions on how to add additional users to your blog, see Add Users.

Add New Users
If you want to add a user to your blog who hasn't yet registered with UO Blogs, please ask them to go to blogs.uoregon.edu and log in with their Duck ID and password. Then follow the instructions under "Add Existing Users" above.

If you've followed the above steps and are still having difficulty adding users to your blog, please contact the Technology Service Desk through this form with a list of the username(s) or email address(s) of the user(s) you wish to add, as well as the role you would like for each user. Note: This request must come from the administrator of the blog. If you have more than a few users that need to be added you must use the Batch User Creation form.

Batch User Creation

Batch creation is a process that quickly creates blogs or adds users to an existing blog in batches of tens, hundreds, or thousands. For example, this tool is very helpful for faculty who want to quickly add students to their class blog or site. For more information, see UO Blogs Batch User Creation spreadsheet. Once you have completed the Batch user creation spreadsheat you can submit it here.

For more information on adding and managing users for your blog, see the following documentation:


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