How to log in to a UO Blogs site


This article will guide UO Blogs users through the process of logging in to their UO Blogs-based sites by way of two similar but different methods.

Login Methods

There are two primary methods for logging on to your site:

Method One

Click the Log In link on the upper-left of the browser window

UO Blogs Log In button

Sign in using your Duck ID and password by clicking on the Use My Duck ID button.

Duck ID Login Screen

Then, you will arrive at the Dashboard for your site(s)

Note: You may have to click on View My Sites if you have access to multiple sites (as seen below)

Blogs Dashboard screen with My Sites highlighted

Method Two

Similar to Method One above, this will give you access to your site but through the UO Blogs' main website. Go to then click on the Login tab:

UO Blogs homepage with Login tab highlighted

Then continue to proceed through the steps of Method One as described above.

Once logged in, you'll see the administrative toolbar above the site header which will allow you to add more content or return to the site dashboard.


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Tue 2/2/21 12:12 PM