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Pinned Article UO Blogs: Setting Up Your First Blog

Info on how to set up a Blogs page for the first time.

How to log in to a UO Blogs site

How to access a UO Blogs-based website.

UO Blogs: Batch User Creation

Batch creation is a process that quickly creates blogs or adds users to an existing blog in batches of tens, hundreds, or thousands.

UO Blogs: Changing User Roles

When you set up a blog you have the ability to assign and control what other users can do in the blog depending on the tasks you want each user to be responsible for. This page details how to change those roles.

UO Blogs: Guest Policy

Guest policy for UO blogs.

UO Blogs: Posting to Your Blog

A series of links that will guide you through the process of creating your first post, as well as some of the more creative things you can do with your blog.

UO Blogs: What Are the Different Roles of Users?

When you set up a blog, you have the ability to assign and control what other users can do in the blog depending on the tasks for which you want each user to be responsible. The five roles you can assign users on a blog are Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber.