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Customer Satisfaction Survey

UO customers who receive assistance from User Support Services are randomly given an opportunity to fill out a short survey about their interaction. In the survey, customers are asked the following questions:

  1. Was the consultant professional? (1-5 scale)
  2. Was the consultant personable? (1-5 scale)
  3. Did the consultant listen to me? (1-5 scale)
  4. Was the consultant able to solve my problem? (1-5 scale)

Survey Data

July 2020 response rate for Tech Desk is 7% (n=92); USS Academic North response rate is 16% (n=57); Administrative response rate is 28% (n=35).

Time to Respond Metrics

This metric shows the amount of time it takes, on average in hours, from when a customer creates a ticket to when the customer receives their first reply.

Figures above are average of the absolute hours to first response. 'Absolute' means the clock starts when the ticket is created and ends when the initial responsible group first responds regardless of work hours. Operational hours are listed for each team in the Hours and Days columns. Months highlighted in yellow contain metrics that were reconciled for improved accuracy.

Metrics for USS Academic Central, Academic South, and Administrative teams are not yet available. Those teams will be formally established by December 2020, and metrics will be added once those teams are functioning as a group.

In the future, we aim to include first contact resolution (FCR) metrics. FCR is the measure of how often a question is answered on the first contact.

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