User Support Services' Service Level Agreement


User Support Services (USS) provides IT support to many of the departments at the University of Oregon. USS has defined its expectations for how quickly questions are acknowledged and the satisfaction of its customers. This set of expectations was developed in the form of a service level agreement (SLA).


The User Support Services' service level agreement has two components:

  1. Time to respond: each USS team will respond to customers' initial question within six hours (on average) or less
  2. Customer satisfaction: each USS team will maintain a customer satisfaction score of three or more (measured monthly)

You can view the User Support Services' monthly metrics.


Time to respond for each team is an average across a calendar month of the amount of time it takes for that team to respond to the initial support request. This metric uses operational time. 'Operational' means the clock starts when the ticket is created and ends when the initial responsible group first responds during each team's work hours. Work hours vary by team. See User Support Services' monthly metrics for more details.

Customer satisfaction is a measure taken after the service request is complete. Customers receive a survey that includes these four questions:

  1. Was the consultant professional?
  2. Was the consultant personable?
  3. Did the consultant listen to me?
  4. Was the consultant able to solve my problem?

Respondents rate their interaction on a scale of one to five, with one the lowest score.


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