User Support Services (USS)

Who We Are

We are a campus-wide support organization created under the Transform IT program and are part of Information Services. We are designed to:

  • Increase efficient use of IT support resources
  • Reduce or eliminate duplication of user support for IT services
  • Consolidate support tools, processes, and services
  • Create a consistent user experience

As part of the Customer Experience team within Information Services, we are 65+ full time staff and 45+ student employees spread out across the Eugene and Portland campuses. Our support footprint covers the academic schools and colleges, the general funded administrative units, and a handful of research units across the Eugene and Portland campuses.  

User Support Services consists of five customer facing support units consisting of a central student facing service desk and four regional support units for faculty and staff.

We provide support via the service catalog in the UO Service Portal. We also offer telephone and walk-up support depending on your affiliation and location. 

Our Mission Statement

Helping U* Reach Higher!

*University, students, faculty, staff, and community

We strive to create a consistent customer-focused support experience, secure our IT environment, and provide resources that empower students, faculty, and staff to achieve their diverse goals. 

Getting Support

Please select the tab that corresponds with your university affiliation.


Technology help for students is primarily provided by the Technology Service Desk (TSD), located in room 036 of the Erb Memorial Union (EMU). Please consult the TSD page for contact information, hours of operation, and provided services.

Students may also visit the Help for Students page for quick links for common topics, including self-help articles, and how to submit a help ticket.

Faculty, Staff, and Student Employees

It is recommended that faculty and stuff start their support request by visiting the Help for Faculty and Staff page in the UO Service Portal. This page makes for a great bookmark and has quick links to the most common support topics. For department-specific or other services not listed, please feel free to search the full Service Catalog

If you would prefer to contact your IT support unit directly via telephone or in person, please find your department in the table below and the link to your USS IT support unit. If you do not see your Department, please check the Department and Unit IT Support page or contact the Technology Service Desk.

USS Supported Departments

If your department is... Your regional support unit is...
ASUO USS - Admin
Academic Advising USS - Admin
Accessible Education Center USS - Admin
Admissions USS - Admin
Advancement USS - Admin
American English Institute USS - Academic Central
Anthropology USS - Academic Central
Aquatic Animal Care Services USS - Admin
Architecture USS - Academic North
Art Department USS - Academic North
Asian Studies USS - Academic North
Biology USS - Academic North
Board of Trustees USS - Admin
Budget and Resource Planning USS - Admin
Business Affairs Office USS - Admin
CAMCOR USS - Academic North
Campus Planning and Facilities Management USS - Admin
Center for Advanced Technology in Education USS - Academic South
Chemistry and Biochemistry USS - Academic North
Cinema Studies USS - Academic North
Clark Honors College USS - Academic Central
Classics USS - Academic South
Cognitive and Decision Sciences USS - Academic North
College of Design USS - Academic North
College of Education USS - Academic South
Communications USS - Admin
Communication Disorders and Sciences USS - Academic South
Comparative Literature USS - Academic North
Counseling Psychology and Human Services USS - Academic South
Couples and Family Therapy Program USS - Academic South
Creative Writing Program USS - Academic South
Dance USS - Academic South
Dean of Students, Office of the USS - Admin
Division of Equity and Inclusion USS - Admin
Division of Global Engagement USS - Admin
Division of Student Life USS - Admin
Early Childhood Research USS - Academic South
Earth Sciences USS - Academic North
East Asian Languages USS - Academic North
Economics USS - Academic South
English Department USS - Academic South
Environmental Studies USS - Academic North
EMU USS - Admin
Family and Human Services USS - Academic South
Finance & Administration USS - Admin
Financial Aid and Scholarships USS - Admin
Folklore Program USS - Academic South
General Counsel, Office of USS - Admin
General Science Program USS - Academic North
General Social Sciences Program USS - Academic South
Genomics USS - Academic North
Geography USS - Academic Central
German & Scandinavian USS - Academic North
Global and Online Education USS - Academic South
Global Studies Institute USS - Admin
Government Affairs USS - Admin
Graduate School USS - Academic South
HEDCO Clinic USS - Academic South
Historic Preservation USS - Academic North
History USS - Academic North
History of Art and Architecture USS - Academic North
Holden Center USS - Admin
Human Development USS - Academic South
Human Physiology USS - Academic Central
Human Resources USS - Admin
Humanities Program USS - Academic South
Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies USS - Academic South
Information Services USS - Academic Central
Innovation Partnership Services USS - Admin
Institute for Fundamental Science USS - Academic North
Institute of Ecology and Evolution USS - Academic North
Institute of Molecular Biology USS - Academic North
Institute Sustainable Environment USS - Academic North
Institutional Research USS - Admin
Internal Audit, Office of USS - Admin
International Studies USS - Academic South
Investigations & Civil Rights Compliance, Office of USS - Admin
Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art USS - Admin
Journalism and Communication USS - Academic North
Judaic Studies Program USS - Academic South
Knight Campus USS - Academic North
Labor Education and Research Center USS - Academic Central
Landscape Architecture USS - Academic North
Latin American Studies USS - Academic South
Law School USS - Academic Central
Lewis Center for Neuroimaging USS - Academic North
Linguistics USS - Academic Central
Lundquist College of Business USS - Academic Central
Materials Science Institute USS - Academic North
Mathematics USS - Academic Central
Military Science USS - Admin
Museum of Natural and Cultural History USS - Academic North
Music USS - Academic South
NeuroInformatics Center USS - Academic North
Neuroscience USS - Academic North
OCIAS USS - Academic South
Office of Research and Innovation USS - Admin
Office of the President USS - Admin
Office of the Provost USS - Admin
Ombuds Program USS - Admin
Oregon Bach Festival USS - Academic South
Oregon Humanities Center USS - Academic South
Oregon Institute of Marine Biology USS - Academic North
Orientation Programs USS - Admin
PPPM USS - Academic North
Philosophy USS - Academic South
Physical Education and Recreation USS - Admin
Physics USS - Academic North
Political Science USS - Academic South
Portland Campus USS - Academic Central
Print Services USS - Admin
Product Design USS - Academic North
Public Records Office USS - Admin
Purchasing and Contracting Services USS - Admin
Registrar, Office of the USS - Admin
Religious Studies USS - Academic South
Romance Languages USS - Academic North
Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies USS - Academic South
Safety and Risk Services USS - Admin
Social Science Instructional Laboratory USS - Academic North
Sociology USS - Academic South
Special Education and Clinical Sciences USS - Academic South
Student Services and Enrollment Management USS - Admin
Sustainable Cities Initiative USS - Academic North
Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) USS - Academic South
Terrestrial Animal Care Services USS - Admin
Theatre Arts USS - Academic North
Transportation Services USS - Admin
Tutoring and Academic Engagement Center USS - Admin
Tykeson College and Career Advising USS - Admin
Undergraduate Education and Student Success USS - Admin
University Career Center USS - Admin
University of Oregon Senate USS - Admin
UO Libraries USS - Academic South
UO Online USS - Academic South
Vivian Olum Child Development Center USS - Admin
Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics USS - Academic Central
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies USS - Academic South
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