Using the UO Service Portal


This article describes how to efficiently find service and self help information you need to request service or report an issue.

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Term Definition Example
Service A service is the means in which an organization provides value added outcomes to their customers. In general, a "service" can be a "Service Request" or "Incident Report".  
Service Catalog The structured and organized collection of all services. Service Catalog
Service Request A service request is when you ask for something to be provided to you (you don't have it and you need it). Wi-Fi Network Support
Incident Report An incident report is a request to report a problem (you had it but now you don't). Report a Service Outage
Knowledge Base The structured and organized collection of all knowledge base and self-help articles. Knowledge Base
Knowledge base article A self-help or knowledge base article is information you can use to help solve your own technical issues.  Configuring UO Secure for iOS Devices
Ticket A ticket is generated when a service request is submitted and the ticket documents the request and is routed to the appropriate technicians for resolution.  

How to: (check a box to expand)

To search using the UO Service portal search bar (upper right corner of the page)


  1. To only search the Service Catalog
    1. Select "Service Catalog"
  2. To only search the Knowledge Base
    1. "Select "Knowledge Base"
  3. Provide search terms
  4. Click search
  5. Search results are provided with the best match at the top of the list
  6. Click on the Service or Knowledge Base article
Search the Service Catalog
Search the Knowledge Base
Enter Search term(s)
Select Best Match

The Service Catalog and Knowledge base have similiar organizational structures, and if you know the general category of the type of service you can "click" you way through the categories to find the services and article.


  1. To navigate the Service Catalog or Knowledge Base, and on the horizontal menu, locate “Services” and “Knowledge Base”.
  2. To see services, click "Services"
  3. To see Knowledge Base articles, clise "Knowledge Base"
  4. For example, to find "Classroom Support":
    1. Select "Teaching, Learning & Classrooms"
    2. Select "Classrooms & Labs"
    3. Select the desired service.
Note: Selecting "Services A-Z" provides an alphabetical list of services.
Select Services
Select "Teaching, Learning & Classrooms"
Classrooms & Labs
Select Desired Service

Once you find the service you are looking for, follow these steps to submit a service request, which results in a "ticket" that is assigned to the appropriate technician group. Tickets are used to track the work and status of request.


  1. Review the service page information to ensure this is the service you are looking for.
  2. Click on “Request...” button (the text will change depending on the service"
  3. You will then be asked to sign in using your user name and password.
  4. Fill out the information on the form and at the bottom select “Request"

At this point, a service ticket will be generated and routed to the appropriate group who will provide the service or help you fix your issue.

Submit Request

See the following video that demonstrates how to search and submit a ticket.



The service portal is a great tool that will help you get the services and information you need and after using the portal a few times, finding the right services or article will become second nature. If you have any trouble or need any help please see the information in the Contact Us page that shows you where, and how, you can get help.


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