UO Blogs: Custom Themes


UO Blogs offers a large variety of themes for customers that we are committed to maintaining. We ask that customers use these themes before requesting a custom theme.

There is more work that goes into installing a theme than just clicking the Download link; there is a commitment to maintaining it as well. As UO Blogs is updated, themes often need to be revised and updated to continue functioning. 

If you cannot find a theme that fits your needs and you would like to use an outside theme, you may request a custom theme for your site as long as it meets the criteria below. 



  • Custom themes may only be used for departments, administrative units, or ASUO-recognized sites.
    • Students are not eligible
    • Individual faculty or staff websites are not eligible
  • The custom theme must be supported by a web developer, designer, or someone with equivalent experience.
  • At least one administrator for the site must be a full-time faculty or a staff member.
  • The theme request will be reviewed by the UO Blogs Change Advisory Board and CampusPress (UO Blogs hosting company) before implementation and going live.
  • Big theme frameworks and their child themes may make it more difficult to get a custom theme approved.
  • The administrator(s) of the site agree to the following:
    • Information Services and CampusPress will not be responsible for keeping the theme up-to-date, theme development, or troubleshooting. Please contact your unit's technology staff for further information about support.
    • CampusPress and the UO Blogs Change Advisory Board reserve the right to deny any custom theme request.

Vetting Process

  • The custom theme will be tested to ensure there are no apparent bugs or security vulnerabilities. 
  • The theme will then be sent to the UO Blogs Change Advisory Board for review. 
  • If the theme is approved by the Change Advisory Board, CampusPress will review the request.


We expect a one-month turnaround from the time we receive a custom theme request to that theme going live.


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