Articles pertaining to themes, plugins, and theme and plugin management.

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UO Blogs: Custom Themes

How to get a custom theme in UO Blogs.

UO Blogs: Installing Cosmic V2 Theme for your site

Learn how to install the Cosmic V2 theme or convert from Cosmic to Cosmic V2.

UO Blogs: Managing Plugins and Advanced Features in Your Blog

Links to assist you in managing some of the more advanced features and technical plugins.

UO Blogs: Managing Themes, Appearance, and Widgets

Managing the appearance of your of the web page is an important step in every blog. The links below describe things like how to manage the theme of your blog as well as change the title and manage the available widgets.

UO Blogs: Overview of Available Themes

A list of the available themes for UO Blogs.

UO Blogs: UO Banner Plugin

The UO Banner plugin adds a UO banner to the top of your site. This banner has the official UO logo and links that are required into your sites header and footer. The plugin provides support for displaying contact information, location and map settings, custom page width, custom HTML content, social media links, and a mobile-friendly menu.