UO Blogs: UO Banner Plugin


The UO Banner plugin adds a University of Oregon banner to the top of your site. This banner has the official UO logo and links that are required for your site's header and footer. The plugin provides support for displaying contact information, location and map settings, custom page width, custom HTML content, social media links, and a mobile-friendly menu.

For more information on UO website standards, please consult the Required Elements article on the University Communications website.


You can activate it through the Plugins menu in your site's dashboard.

Plugins menu screenshot

The plugin is titled UO Banner and Footer. Click Activate to enable it.

UO Banner and Footer Plugin

You will be able to configure your banner and footer plugin by selecting Settings at the bottom of the toolbar in your site's dashboard. Then select UO Banner.

These settings will allow you to add things such as your location, contact information, and social media links to the banner and footer.

Settings menu, UO Banner option highlighted

This is what the default banner will look like.

Default Banner example


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