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Business Applications

Department specific software or software used primarily by faculty and staff.

Service Portal/TeamDynamix

Service Portal/TeamDynamix support, such as creating/updating portal items, requesting technician access, creation of Knowledge Base articles, removing sensitive data, requesting a presence in the portal, and general Portal/TeamDynamix questions.

UOCloud Virtual Machines

Services for creating new virtual machines, decommissioning virtual machines, and virtual machine support.

During calendar 2023 Information Systems will be engaged in a lengthy project migrating all UO Virtual Machines to new physical infrastructure. Our delivery timelines for VM requests may be slightly longer as we work through this project activity. Thank you for your understanding.

UO Slate CRM

Services for Slate Insight (Division of Graduate Studies) CRM Applications

Services (19)

Cloud Services Support

Request assistance with and access to Public Cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.)

Digital and Electronic Signature Services Support

Use this service to request support for digital and electronic signature services.

Enterprise Application Add-In or Integration Service Request

University Faculty and Staff use this service to request Add-In or Integration services to support an add-in for Office365, Teams, Zoom (or others).

JupyterHub Support Request

Data Science Group Faculty use this service to request support for JupyterHub

Microsoft 365 Subscription-based Licenses Purchase Request

Faculty and Staff use this service to request subscription-based Microsoft licenses that are part of the Office 365 app family. You can also use this service to request the reallocation of one of these licenses to another person at the UO or cancel your license

Microsoft Office 365 Support Request

Microsoft Office 365 provides access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more for Macs, Windows PCs, and mobile devices (iOS, Android, and Windows), as well as online via web browsers for University students and employees.

Server Operating System Support

Use this service to request support from the Information Services Enterprise Systems for Linux and Windows enterprise systems for both physical and virtual machines.

Single Sign On Consultation

This service is used by Faculty and Staff supported by USS to submit a request for advice in purchasing computer-related products.

UOCloud Provisionable Storage

Use this service to request support for UOCloud storage

USS Systems Support

This service is for system administration requests for departments supported by User Support Services that are not covered by other services.

OneDrive Support

Use this service to request support with OneDrive

Dropbox Support

Use this service to request support with Dropbox

File Shares & Mapped Drive Request

Assistance with or access to departmental file shares.

Microsoft Teams Support

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration service that is part of Microsoft Office 365.

Zoom Support

Use this service to request support or report issues with Zoom.

Software & Application Help Request

For assistance with installing, updating or troubleshooting software issues on department-supported / UO-owned computers.

Site-Licensed Software

Site-licensed software refers to any adopted software program that has proven itself over time and has a large enough following to warrant adoption for the entire campus.

Qualtrics Survey Support

Use this service to request support with Qualtrics surveys.

Microsoft Teams/Skype Phone Bridging Support

Use this service to request phone bridging for Microsoft Teams and/or Skype for Business