UOCloud Provisionable Storage

Use this service to request support for UOCloud storage, including:

  • Server attached storage (SMB, NFS, iSCIS)
  • Other (describe)

Use the File Shares & Mapped Drive Request (\\files.uoregon.edu) service for USS managed file share modifications.

Use the OneDrive Support service for OneDrive assistance and the Office 365 Knowledge Base for self-help articles.

Use the Dropbox Support service for Dropbox assistance and the Dropbox Knowledge Base for self-help articles.

For the Talapas integration check out the external documentation here: Access to UO Information Services storage (UOCloud)

How to Create a Ticket

To request support click Create a Ticket (top right of the page) and provide the following information:

Server Attached Storage
  • What you need help with (new allocation, modify/help with existing allocation)
  • Storage name
  • Storage method (SMB/CIFS, NFS, iSCSI
  • NTFS AD Admin group
  • Share Permissions
  • Do you need storage snapshots?
  • Allow access-based enumeration
  • Do you need SMB encryption
  • Budget index
  • Confirmation you understand the requirements
  • Description of the requirement

Availability and Access

UOCloud Provisionable Storage is available to any Staff, Faculty, or Researcher affiliated with the University of Oregon with a Duck ID and budgetary authority to encumber funds with a University provided billing index.

UOCloud storage encompasses a suite of data storage services available to University of Oregon community members.  Services provided under this umbrella are available to different community members with differing limits.  Please read each UOCloud Provisionable Storage SLA carefully to determine eligibility and resource limits.  Some storage services are available for free, others have additional charges associated with their use.


  • Users of this service must be technically proficient in the use of network attached storage protocols such as Network File System (NFS), Server Message Block (SMB)\Common Internet File System (CIFS), or iSCSI. 
  • Users must be able to self manage storage access via clients or servers.
  • Users must be able to self manage storage permissions including security groups.
  • Users are responsible for the management and integrity of the data on provisioned storage.


If you have any additional questions view the Contact Technology Help page.

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