Content for users of UO's centralized document imaging and workflow product, DuckDocs (OnBase).

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Pinned Article DuckDocs (OnBase) Capabilties

DuckDocs is an enterprise document management system for digitization of files and automation of business workflows.

Pinned Article Getting Started with DuckDocs (OnBase)

A collection of resources to get acquainted with the features and processes associated with DuckDocs.

Pinned Article How to get or update DuckDocs access

How to get access to DuckDocs

DuckDocs (OnBase) Department Administrator List

A list of support and training contacts for DuckDocs OnBase

DuckDocs (OnBase) End-User Training Materials

A collection of resources and how-tos for new DuckDocs users.

DuckDocs (OnBase) Unity Forms: Troubleshooting Styling Issues

Addresses troubleshooting issues with Unity Forms styling and formatting.

DuckDocs (OnBase) Web Client Error: Another session is currently active

Details a workaround for an error that appears when attempting to navigate to the DuckDocs Web Client in multiple browsing tabs.

DuckDocs (OnBase): Using Notes on Documents

How to add, modify, and delete document notes in DuckDocs (OnBase).

Feature Overview of DuckDocs (OnBase) Clients

This article provides an overview of the features that can be found in different DuckDocs (OnBase) clients.

Granting User Access via DuckDocs (OnBase) Web Client

Instructions for DuckDocs Department Admins to modify users' group membership in DuckDocs.

Guidance from the Records Management Office

Learn how to create and manage records from the Records Management Office.

Guides for DuckDocs (OnBase) Department Admins

Content for Department Administrators of DuckDocs (OnBase)

Installing the DuckDocs (OnBase) Virtual Print Driver for the Unity Client

The Virtual Print Driver can be used in conjunction with the OnBase Unity Client to print to file and import those files into OnBase.

Installing the Latest Version of the DuckDocs (OnBase) Unity Client for Windows

The Unity Client is an OnBase client that can be installed on a Windows computer and includes some features not available in the OnBase Web Client including Batch Scanning.

Retrieving files in DuckDocs (OnBase)

How to retrieve files from OnBase by retrieval and custom query searches.

Scanning into DuckDocs (OnBase) using Unity

Overview of the basic scanning procedure for single files into OnBase using the Unity desktop client.

Using Ad-Hoc Tasks to Approve a Document in DuckDocs (OnBase)

How to use ad-hoc tasks to review and approve a document in DuckDocs (OnBase).