Granting User Access via DuckDocs (OnBase) Web Client


DuckDocs (OnBase) Department Admins may grant access to documents and workflows via the Web or Unity Clients.

General users seeking access to DuckDocs should follow the instructions in the Obtaining Access to DuckDocs - OnBase article.


  1. Navigate to DuckDocs
  2. Click on the OnBase Web Client link and login with your Duck ID and password.
  3. Click the The hamburger menu icon is in the top-left corner of the screen. icon to expand the navigation bar then select Open Administration.
    Select Open Administration under the Admin Header.
  4. Next, select the Users item under the Select Administration Action heading.
    The Users option is located under Select Administration Action.
  5. Select a user from the list and click Configure.
    Configure is at the top of the list of User options.
  6. Add the user to appropriate groups in the User Groups section by clicking an appropriate group in the Unassigned Groups column (on the left) to add it to the Assigned Groups column (on the right)
    Select the name of a group from the Unassigned Groups column in order to add that user to the group.
  7. Remove the user from groups by clicking a group on the Assigned Groups column (on the right) and verify it has been moved to the Unassigned Groups column (on the left).
  8. Click Save.
Note: Do not remove users from the UO - All Users group. This is a default group granted to anyone with access to the application.

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