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The UO Service Portal is where students, faculty, and staff are able to contact IT staff for technology support, learn about IT services offered on campus, and find step-by-step instructions for do-it-yourself solutions to technology problems.

Role/Department accounts provide business continuity for University programs by allowing a single Duck ID account to be used by multiple people with the same function.

Your Duck ID is the first part of your UO email address before the @ sign. You use your Duck ID and associated password to log in to many services at UO, including e-mail, wireless, and Canvas.

Exchange provides email, calendaring, contact information management, task management, and directory services.

This form should be used to submit requests to the Information Services Technology Access and Support staff.

Wired networking, also known as Ethernet, provides a UOnet and Internet connection for a desktop or laptop computer, or for some other network-capable device.

Activating or moving wired network jack(s) on the campus network.

If you are a current faculty, staff, or student with the University of Oregon and have a technology related question or need technical support.

Account setup for business applications like Banner, AppWorx, DuckDocs, etc.

Information Services, via the InCommon Certificate Service, provides unlimited organization validation (OV) SSL/TLS certificates to UO schools, colleges, departments, institutes and programs.

Integrated Data and Reporting (IDR) consists of a data warehouse and a data reporting and analysis tool (Cognos BI).

Use this form to report a service outage.

A network firewall is used to control the information that flows through network connections.

Banner is the software used by UO employees to conduct the university's business, which includes processes involving student information, human resources, finance, budgets, accounts receivable, payroll, and financial aid.

This service allows your supported IT department to be notified of any issue relating to operational use of employee devices like computers, laptops or other devices.

This service provides telephones, voicemail, and local and long distance calling for employees and, upon request, for UO students living in university residence halls.

Student email, also known as IMAP mail, or Webmail, is an email service that is accessible from your laptop, smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, or web browser.

DuckDocs is a document management system that provides an electronic alternative to paper-based process.

Connect to UOnet and the Internet wirelessly with your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Drupal web hosting offers a resilient web hosting infrastructure for websites created in Drupal, a common content management system (CMS).

Host your application or service on servers housed on campus. For efficiency and scalability, Information Services offers virtual machine (VM) hosting services.

Email lists are a simple way to use and manage communications with groups of people via email.

Sponsored accounts can be obtained to provide computing services to individuals who are not formally affiliated with the University but are involved in university related activities.

If you are unable to use the self-recovery options, complete the form on this page for assistance.

Information on desktop, laptop, tablet, printer or other equipment purchasing through SAIT.