Information about the calling features within Microsoft Teams.

If you're having calling or call configuration issues, try signing out then signing back in first before submitting a support ticket.

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Quick Reference Guides

Printable quick reference guides about select features of Teams Calling.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials covering features of Teams Calling.

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Pinned Article Calling through Microsoft Teams

How to place a call through Microsoft Teams.

Pinned Article Enabling Location Settings for the Microsoft Teams app

Learn how to enable location settings and location services for Microsoft Teams.

Pinned Article Microsoft Teams calling FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Teams calling service within Microsoft Teams.

Adjusting notifications during meetings in Teams

Learn how to adjust notification settings in Microsoft Teams while you are in a Teams call or meeting.

Blocking a contact in Microsoft Teams

This article will guide you through the steps to block a contact (i.e., spam caller, etc.)

Call forwarding in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to forward calls to another extension, an outside phone line (like a personal phone), or to voicemail.

Call Groups and Call Queues in Microsoft Teams

An overview of call groups and call queues in Microsoft Teams.

Call quality in Microsoft Teams

Learn some quick troubleshooting tips for call quality problems. Plus, learn about the Call Health panel in Teams.

Caller ID in Microsoft Teams

Learn how caller ID works in Microsoft Teams.

Calling scenarios in Microsoft Teams

Scenarios for calling through Microsoft Teams: calling a UO colleague, calling outside UO, and for someone calling you.

Forwarding and Downloading Voicemail Messages from Microsoft Teams

Learn how to forward and download a voicemail message. This article includes a video clip about voicemail in email.

Guidance about calling 911 in Microsoft Teams

Learn about whether to use Microsoft Teams to dial 911 for emergency calls and how to optimize 911 call routing if you do.

Managing Notifications for Teams Calling

An overview of settings related to notifications of incoming calls in Microsoft Teams.

Scheduling Out of Office in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to schedule out-of-office notifications in Microsoft Teams.

Self-Management of Teams Auto Attendant and Call Queue Greetings

Instructions for authorizing users to manage recordings and using the recording management options in Teams settings

Voicemail in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to set up your voicemail in Microsoft Teams and check your voicemail messages.