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How do I assign someone to be my call delegate and what settings do I have as a delegate?

Quick reference guide

Please consult this quick reference guide below.

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Delegate Settings quick reference guide


Assign a Call Delegate

Assign delegate permissions to another person to enable them to make and receive calls on your behalf.

Permissions can also be assigned to allow a delegate to change your call and delegate settings. Access Settings from the three-dot more options menu located next to the profile icon.

From the General tab, click Manage delegates. Click Your delegates to begin the process to add a new delegate.

Settings window, General tab selected, Delegation settings highlighted.

Search by name to select your delegate.

Delegate settings screen with search field shown

Confirm the permissions they should have and click Add.

Delegate settings

Note: If granting permission to Receive calls, call answering rules will automatically be updated to forward all calls to delegates.

Perform Delegate Duties

Once you have been granted delegate permissions, the person who has assigned you as a delegate will appear under People you support. Hover over their name to view your permissions, which may include access to change their delegates and/or their call settings.

Follow the steps above to add a new delegate for the person you are supporting.

Note: You cannot remove yourself as their delegate. However, you can add and remove others from your work directory as a new delegate.

People you support tab within Delegate settings

Managing call settings for another person follows the same process for managing your own call answering rules. Make sure to review the Call Answering Rules quick guide for more details.

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