Call Answering Rules and Call Groups


How do I set how calls interact with my Teams experience? Can I make call groups?

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Call Answering Rules and Call Groups quick reference guide.


Call answering rules are established to determine how to handle incoming calls.

Call answering rules

  • Calls ring me: Incoming calls are delivered to you.
    • Also ring: Set up a simultaneous ring to another person or another phone number that belongs to you.
      • Note: Simultaneous rings are not required to receive calls to a mobile phone. Teams delivers calls in sync to both the desktop and mobile application.
    • If unanswered: Determine where the call is directed if not answered (i.e. voicemail, another person, delegate, etc.).
  • Forward my calls: Set up call forward to another person or another phone number that belongs to you.
    • Note: Forwarding calls to an external phone number will redirect calls from ringing first to Microsoft Teams.
  • Ring for this many seconds: Determine how long the call should ring before being redirected (according to the answer rules established).

Establish a personal call group

A personal call group can be established by selecting Call group from either the Also ring or Forward to drop down. (Note: Department call groups (queues) will be established by IT.)

Also ring call group

Begin by searching your directory to add people to the call group. Note: If you would like them to ring in a specified order, be sure to add them in first to last order.

Forward to call group

Select the order you want your call group to receive your calls. Choose to ring them all at the same time, or in the order they are listed.

Ring order drop-down menu with in the order above option chosen.

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