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Activating or moving wired network jack(s) on the campus network.

Request to block a specific IP address in certain parts of the campus network.

Request wiring services for wired network (i.e. Ethernet) and/or phone services be installed and provisioned where there is none available.

Sponsored accounts can be obtained to provide computing services to individuals who are not formally affiliated with the University but are involved in university related activities.

If you are having troubles claiming your Duck ID or encountered an error during the claim process

Request a password reset for the following business application accounts: Banner, Banner Test, AppWorx Test, Resource25, Resource25 Test, Singularity, Singularity Test, Data Warehouse, Data Warehouse Test

For technical assistance with

The College of Design schedules and manages six instructional labs and two open labs for the college in various buildings across campus.

If you are unable to use the self-recovery options, complete the form on this page for assistance.

This service provides telephones, voicemail, and local and long distance calling for employees and, upon request, for UO students living in university residence halls.

Connect to UOnet and the Internet wirelessly with your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Information Services, via the InCommon Certificate Service, provides unlimited organization validation (OV) SSL/TLS certificates to UO schools, colleges, departments, institutes and programs.

The digital signage service creates a campus-wide network of digital signage and interactive displays.

Email lists are a simple way to use and manage communications with groups of people via email.

Jabber supports person-to-person and group-based chats, as well as file transfers.

Resource 25 and 25Live are scheduling applications that allow users to schedule campus rooms and spaces for class and non-class activities.

Two-way radio service is available for UO business use by departments including long-term rental and short-term rental for campus events.

Scanning Services performs optical mark scanning of Scantron exam forms.

Wired networking, also known as Ethernet, provides a UOnet and Internet connection for a desktop or laptop computer, or for some other network-capable device.

Proofpoint evaluates incoming e-mail messages to determine if they are spam (unsolicited e-mail).

Create and manage repositories, set up fine-graned permissions, and collaborate on code.

Drupal web hosting offers a resilient web hosting infrastructure for websites created in Drupal, a common content management system (CMS).

UO Blogs, powered by WordPress, is a web hosting and website service for anyone affiliated with the University of Oregon.

Campus-hosted private cloud storage

Request Tracker, or RT, is an issue tracking system used for help desk ticketing.