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Duck ID Accounts, Role Accounts, Two-Step Login (Duo); Access Requests for: Banner, AppWorx, DuckDocs, IDR (Cognos)

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Duck ID Accounts

Your Duck ID is the first part of your UO email address before the @ sign. You use your Duck ID and associated password to log in to many services at UO, including e-mail, wireless, and Canvas.

Two-Step Login (Duo) Support

Two-step login provides a second layer of security to any type of login, requiring extra information or a physical device in addition to the user's password.

Two-Step Login (Duo) Token Request & Registration

Request & register your Duo hardware token here.

Business Application Access Request

Account setup for business applications like Banner, AppWorx, IDR/Cognos.

Role/Department Account Request

Use this service to request a new Role/Department account or request support for an existing account.

UO Directory Request

Use this service to request assistance with updating your phone number or campus directory information

Campus Access & Support Request

This form should be used to submit requests to the Information Services Technology Access and Support staff.

Duck ID Account Claiming Issues

If you are having troubles claiming your Duck ID or encountered an error during the claim process

Duck ID Password & Duo Bypass Code Help

If you are unable to use the self-recovery options, or visit the Technology Service Desk, complete the form on this page for assistance.
If you need a password for a department or role account, visit: https://service.uoregon.edu/TDClient/2030/Porta...

Sponsored Duck ID Account Request

Faculty and staff can use this service to sponsor a guest for short-term Duck ID access.