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Pinned Article Classroom Technology: Equipment List

List of all equipment found in classrooms.

Classroom Technology Support and Tutorials

IS Classroom Technology general tutorial information for instructors

Crestron Instructions

General Pool and Joint Control classrooms feature a Crestron Touch Panel to control each display and source in a classroom. There is a basic standard user interface, though some classrooms have a more robust interface depending on the instructional technologies installed.

How to use a SMART Board

Learn how to use SMART Boards. They combine the features of a whiteboard with a computer.

HyFlex Classroom Instructions

The tutorial describes operating the two HyFlex classroom types. They are named HyFlex 1 Classroom and HyFlex 2 Classroom.
Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) classrooms are designed to accommodate the simultaneous teaching of in-person students and online learners.

Using Personal Lapel Microphones

Instructions to setup and use personal lapel microphones.