Classroom Technology Crestron Instructions


General Pool and Joint Control classrooms feature a Crestron Touch Panel to control each display and source in a classroom. There is a basic standard user interface, though some classrooms have a more robust interface depending on the instructional technologies installed.


The touch panel is used to power on/off the system and to select which source you would like to display on a digital projector or flat screen. Select from sources such as your laptop, document camera, Bluray/DVD Player or others (if applicable). The touch panel can be used to adjust laptop or microphone volume (if installed) as well as to blank the projector screen.

If you have questions or need immediate assistance in a classroom, please contact Classroom Technology HELP at 541-346-3091.

Remote Instruction due to COVID-19

While teaching is being conducted remotely for spring and summer terms, we are taking this opportunity to update the instructions on how to use the Crestron Touch Panel controls.



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