Using Personal Lapel Microphones


This article will provide an overview of the setup and use of personal lapel microphones in University of Oregon classrooms.

Personal lapel microphones are rented from the University of Oregon. They are used by instructors instead of the supplied in-room microphones for sanitary reasons. Once an instructor's session has concluded, the personal microphone is removed by the instructor. 

Requests for a lapel microphone can be made through the Classroom Equipment Checkout service page.

Initial Setup

This section covers the initial, one-time setup of the microphone.

Contained in the box are the following items, labeled:

Initial setup with labeled parts: mic unit, pop filters, clips, and plug end

  • The mic unit is the listening end.
  • The plug end connects to the receiver (outlined below).
  • The clip attaches the Mic Unit to the shirt of the speaker.
  • The pop filters cover the Mic Unit and reduce brushing and pop noises. It is necessary to install these as outlined below.

Installing the clip

The mic clip with the collar, clip, and thumb loop labeled

To install, pinch the thumb loop and the clip, to expand the collar.

Pinch the loop to expand the collar

Holding this pinch, slide the collar over the end of the mic unit, until the second notch.

Slide the collar down to the second notch of the mic unit

Release the pinch, and let the collar seat in the groove. This will attach the clip firmly to the mic unit.

Attaching the pop filter

Slide the pop filter over the mic unit.

Install the pop filter over the mic unit

  • The smaller pop filter will be a tight fit.
  • The larger pop filter has a collar that locks into the first groove.

The personal microphone is now ready for installation.

Uninstalling the pre-installed microphone

This section covers uninstalling the microphone already connected to the transmitter.

Mic pack with locking button highlighted

Push the black locking button on the front of the mic cable. While holding the locking button, pull the plug straight out of the port. This may require some force.

Installing the personal microphone

This section covers installing your personal microphone into the transmitter.

After removing the old microphone, the transmitter will look like this:

The mic pack with the mic plug highlighted

Insert the plug end of your personal microphone into the transmitter with the black locking button facing forward and the pins aligned

The mic unit's plug adapter end with the mic pack's plug

Once aligned, push the plug into the microphone until the lock engages with a click.

Push the mic unit's plug end into the mic pack until the locking button clicks.

Your microphone is now set up for use. Be sure to replace the existing microphone before leaving the room.


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