Articles pertaining to the TDNext application in TeamDynamix.

Articles (7)

Article creation from a ticket

What are the steps needed to create an article from a ticket?

Creating Child Tickets

Describes the steps in creating a child ticket for Tier 2 escalation.

Managing Desktops

This article describes how to manage your Desktops in the TeamDynamix TDNext application.

Redirection to ticket does not occur

Attempting to access a TeamDynamix ticket from email does not redirect to the ticket.

Removing Sensitive Data from the UO Service Portal

If sensitive data such as FERPA, HIPAA, PCI, SSN, etc. information needs to be removed from a ticket, use the process outlined here.

Working with Ticket Tasks

This article describes the difference between a ticket and a ticket task, when to use tickets versus ticket tasks, and how to work with ticket tasks.

Working with Workflows

Tickets can be configured to implement a workflow, which is an orchestrated, repeatable pattern of activities that walk a ticket through initial creation to completion. This article describes the workflow process and technicians responsibility when they are assigned a workflow activity.