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Information and Self-Help articles relating to the Service Portal and working with TeamDynamix.

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Managing Desktops

This article describes how to manage your Desktops in the TeamDynamix TDNext application.

Removing Sensitive Data from the UO Service Portal

If sensitive data such as FERPA, HIPAA, PCI, SSN, etc. information needs to be removed from a ticket, use the process outlined here.

UO Service Portal FAQs

These are some basic FAQs regarding The UO Service Portal. We will add answers to future FAQs as they come up!

UO Service Portal Technician Code of Conduct

UO Service Portal Code of Conduct for technicians.

Using the UO Service Portal

This article describes how to search and navigate the UO Client portal and how to submit a request for service.

Which tool should I use for creating/publishing documentation?

The University of Oregon offers a couple documentation/wiki tools. Use the following information to help you determine which tool would be best suited for your documentation.

Working with Workflows

Tickets can be configured to implement a workflow, which is an orchestrated, repeatable pattern of activities that walk a ticket through initial creation to completion. This article describes the workflow process and technicians responsibility when they are assigned a workflow activity.