Which tool should I use for creating and publishing documentation?


Which tool should I use for creating/publishing documentation?


The University of Oregon offers a couple of documentation tools. Use the following information to help you determine which tool would be best suited for your documentation.

  • Confluence should be used...
    • for internal technical/developer documentation,
    • if documents need to be restricted by groups or the public, and/or
    • documentation not intended for the general end-users (e.g., faculty, staff, or students).
  • The UO Service Portal should be used...
    • for customer-facing documentation (e.g., faculty, staff, or students), and/or
    • for documentation that can be public/unrestricted
    • When creating documentation for the Service Portal, consider that documentation kept here will be indexed by Google.
  • SharePoint or Dropbox can also be used....
    • for department files internal to your employees,
    • for collaboration with external, non-university colleagues (e.g., fellow researchers, faculty, staff, etc.),
    • if files and folders need to be checked out from a document library, and/or
    • documentation not intended for your customers (e.g., faculty, staff, or students).

To ensure that your documentation meets our style guide and accessibility standards, please refer to the Knowledge Base Style Guide category of articles. The guidelines are employed by both Confluence and the UO Service Portal and can be adapted for SharePoint and Dropbox.

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