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Use this service to request assistance and consultation from the USS Knowledge Manager for questions pertaining to the knowledge base style guide, documentation as a service, and general knowledge management. Possible requests may include, but not limited to:

  • Questions about the style guide standards employed by the university and User Support Services (USS) for both the UO Service Portal and the USS Confluence space.
  • Requests for documentation specifically for projects (including new software projects)
  • Questions about general knowledge management

How to Create a Ticket

To request this service, click the Create a Ticket button (top-right of the page) and provide the requested information.

Availability and Access

You can expect a response to your request within six (6) business hours.

This service is available to UO faculty, staff, and IT student employees.

Style Guide Standards

For more information about the style guide, please consult the Knowledge Base Style Guide article first before clicking Create a Ticket for additional assistance.

Requests for documentation for a project

Please submit a ticket to request this service with any estimated time commitments and documentation scope for your project.

Note: Requests of this nature pertain only to documentation and not to any additional services like training or application support.

General knowledge management questions

This service can also answer questions regarding knowledge management practices used within the UO Service Portal and the USS Confluence space as well as providing guidance and insight on web accessibility, knowledge-centered support practices, and how to use both the service portal and Confluence.


If you have any additional questions, view the User Support Services (USS) article.

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