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Device Troubleshooting

For articles pertaining to device troubleshooting procedures.

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Changing your Duck ID password on an Active Directory bound Mac

Active Directory bound Macs can run into issues when a user changes their password from Duck ID. It can cause Keychain issues, FileVault issues, etc. Please follow this guide to update your password if your Mac computer is bound to Active Directory.

Checklist for Working Remotely

Using your UO-provided laptop is the best option for working remotely. However, if you need to use your personal computer, follow the steps below to ensure you're prepared. Don’t forget to do a test-run to make sure your equipment works as expected.

College of Design Computer Replacement Policy

User Support Services - Academic North, in conjunction with the DSGN Dean’s Office, will purchase a laptop or desktop computer for faculty and administrative staff who are employed full time by the School.

Configuring Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM) for Internet Based Clients

Learn how to enable internet-based client management with Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM).

Domain Trust Relationship Error

Learn what to do when receiving the error "The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship."

How to enable FileVault

Learn how to enable FileVault to encrypt the information on your Mac.

Journalism Computer Replacement Policy

The Journalism Computer Replacement Policy (JCRP) program is intended to subsidize regular, four year replacement of primary desktop/laptop computers in the School of Journalism and Communication; improving record keeping of inventory and licenses; and lowering the cost of computers and desktop support services to the School of Journalism and Communication, and the University of Oregon.

SOJC Employee Computer Purchase Policy

The purpose of the following document is to establish a set of computer standards, as well as define how employee and lab computers are purchased, replaced, reused, and how surplus is handled (this is often referred to as Asset Management).

USS - Managed Computer Updates

User Support Services (USS) uses enterprise device management to streamline processes, provide a more secure, sustainable, and efficient model for support, and provide self-service options for university-owned Windows and Mac computers. More information about management can be found here: USS-Managed Computer Information. As part of this device management, computers will receive frequent updates to applications and the operating system, this ensures stability and improves security.

Surplus and Disposal of Electronic Equipment

Article features guidelines for disposal of property, namely electronics.