Checklist for Working Remotely


When working remotely, whether it be at home, at a conference, or in the classroom, it is always good to have with you the tools you need to succeed. Using your UO-provided laptop is the best option for working remotely. However, if you don’t have a UO laptop and need to use your personal computer, follow the steps below to ensure you're prepared. Don’t forget to do a test-run to make sure your equipment works as expected.

Remember, even though you’re working remotely, we are here still here to support you. If you need help, contact your department or unit IT or the Technology Service Desk.

Work Remote Checklist

1. Consider the accessories you may need

  • A power adapter for your laptop or device
  • A durable and comfortable computer bag that is capable of being in the elements
  • An Ethernet adapter and cable in the event wireless is not available
  • An HDMI adapter for connecting to projectors, monitors, or TVs
  • A mouse
  • A laser pointer

2. Think about the files and applications you’ll need to access from home

  • Microsoft Teams video conferencing
    • Does your computer have a built-in microphone or speaker? If not, consider equipment that you may need (e.g., a headset or speakers).
  • Office 365 applications such as Word Online and OneDrive can also be accessed online. Visit
  • Files stored on your department file server
    • Note: To access file servers from off campus, you will need to use the UO VPN.

It is also highly encouraged before an extended trip or time away from campus to ensure you have run updates on your laptop for both the operating system and applications, you know your Duck ID password, and that your data is backed up.  

3. Ensure that your personal computer is updated and secure

If you don’t have a UO-provided laptop, you’ll need to take extra steps to make sure your work stays secure. Follow UO's Personal Device Security Guidelines.

4. Set up a device that you have access to remotely for Two-Step Login

If you have signed up Two-Step Login (Duo), you won’t be able to verify your identity from your office phone if you’re not there. Learn how to set up Two-Step Login or how to manage your devices.

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