Information on how to use UO telephones and voicemail.

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Teams Calling

Information about the calling features within Microsoft Teams.

If you're having calling or call configuration issues, try signing out then signing back in first before submitting a support ticket.

Wireless Headsets

Information about wireless headsets for both IP and digital phones.
Looking for Amazon Connect or Teams headsets?

Avaya Telephones

Information and how-to articles for Avaya telephones.


Information about voicemail functionalities and account settings.

Department Telephone Coordinators

Information for department telephone coordinators

Cisco IP Phones

Information about the Cisco IP phones used in the utility voice service.

Articles (22)

Pinned Article Microsoft Teams calling FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Teams calling service within Microsoft Teams.

Pinned Article Recommended Accessories for Microsoft Teams and Amazon Connect

Recommended accessories for use with Microsoft Teams and Amazon Connect.

Pinned Article Telecommunications Billing Rates

Information about telecommunications billing rates for UO departments, students, and non-UO groups.

Pinned Article Telephone Models and Equipment

List of current telephone models, radios, and headsets for rent and/or purchase.

Amazon Connect FAQ

Information about Amazon Connect especially highlighting changes from our older Avaya system.

Amazon Connect: Agent Guide

Agent guide to use AWS Connect contact-center software

Amazon Connect: Supervisor Guide

Supervisor document for using AWS Connect contact-center software

Amazon Connect: Turning on Notifications

How to turn on notifications in the Amazon Connect contact-center software

Automatic Call Distribution

Information about Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and how it's used.

Cellular 2G/3G network shutdowns and effect on scientific devices, embedded devices, and telemetry

Here is some guidance on what to do as cellular providers turn off older cellular networks. It's possible that some will be caught unaware that they are using an older cellular device.

Directory Assistance

Information about how to use the campus directory as well as state, national, and international directories.

Emergency Numbers and Harassment Issues

Information about on-campus and off-campus emergency and important numbers.

International Calling Rates

Information about cell phone and landline international calling rates.

Local Calls From Campus Lines and Local Calling Prefixes

Information regarding dialing local calls placed from campus lines and local calling prefixes.

Phone Basics for Analog Phones

For information about analog phones.

Phone System Quick Reference

A table of phone system functions and their descriptions.

Phonetic Operator System

The Phonetic Operator (a.k.a. Ernestine) is a system for looking up University of Oregon staff, faculty, and department phone numbers.

Phonetics Operator FAQ

Phonetics operator frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Special Tones

Information about special tones and their descriptions.

Telephone Spam, Spoofing, and Phishing

Information about unsolicited and undesirable telephone spam and spoofing. Spoofing means that the caller has falsified their caller ID. Be wary of all unsolicited contact. Do not divulge sensitive or personal information for any unsolicited contact.