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Pinned Article Getting Started with Zoom

Zoom is a cloud-based videoconferencing tool for audio- and videoconferencing, chat, webinars, hosting large meetings, and more. Learn how to join a Zoom meeting, adjust your audio and video settings, use meeting controls, and share your screen

Pinned Article Installing the Zoom Application

Learn how to install the Zoom application on your computer or mobile device.

Pinned Article Tips for the Best Zoom Experience

To ensure you have the best experience using Zoom, follow these 5 tips.

Pinned Article Zoom Terminology

Learn about the terminology used for Zoom

Accessing Zoom Meetings Through Canvas

This article provides basic troubleshooting for accessing the "Zoom Meetings" tab in Canvas if the user has not already signed up for a Zoom account through the University of Oregon.

Adding and Sharing Your Pronouns in Zoom

How to add and share your pronouns in Zoom.

Creating a Zoom meeting

Learn how to create a Zoom meeting in Outlook, in the Zoom application, or using Zoom through a web browser.

Error Accessing Zoom Meetings Through Canvas (HIPAA tenant)

This page describes troubleshooting steps for accessing the "Zoom Meetings" tool in Canvas when presented with the "User does not exist" error for users of the HIPAA compliant tenant.

How to Move Videos from Zoom Cloud Recordings to OneDrive

When using cloud recordings in Zoom, you have to option to move your recordings to an alternate space for storage.

How to Refresh Your Zoom Account after a New License is Assigned

Does your account still say "Basic" after an upgrade?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to refresh your account and confirm your new Zoom license is in place.

Install Microsoft Outlook Plugin for Zoom

Learn how to install the Microsoft Outlook plugin so you can schedule Zoom meetings directly from your Outlook application

Install Zoom Add-in for Outlook Web App (OWA)

Learn how to add the Zoom for Outlook add-in to your Outlook Web App.

Managing Add-ins in Outlook

Learn how to manage add-ins in Outlook.

Preventing Zoombombing

Learn how to prevent and respond to Zoombombing — the disruption of a Zoom class or meeting with racist, misogynistic, or vulgar messages or images.

Removing the Zoom plugin for Outlook

Learn how to remove the Zoom plug-in for Outlook.

Using Live Transcription for Zoom

How to enable live transcription for Zoom calls.

Zoom Account Types and Eligibility

This article explains the different Zoom account types available at the UO.

Zoom Support Structure and Access

This article is designed to explain the support structure for Zoom and its plugin within Canvas, the UO's course management service and how to access its different features.

Zoom Training Videos and Webinars

This page contains information about Zoom's own training videos and webinars about Zoom.

Zoom: How to Record Meetings

How to record your Zoom meeting, either locally or in the Cloud.

Zoom: How to Restrict Access to Authenticated Users

How to restrict meeting access to only users who can sign in using a Zoom account (any Zoom account -- free or paid) or a UO Zoom account.

Zoom: How to Share Meeting Scheduling and Hosting Responsibilities

Zoom allows other designated users to schedule, start, and host meetings on your behalf.

Zoom: How to Use Virtual Backgrounds

Learn how to use the Virtual Background feature to display an image or video as your background during a Zoom meeting. You can also download UO custom backgrounds from this page.

Zoom: How to Verify Your Account is in the UO HIPAA Environment

Learn how to determine if your UO Zoom account is on the Zoom HIPAA environment.

Zoom: Using Automated Transcripts (Captions) for Recordings

Learn how to enable and disable captioning (automated transcripts) for your Zoom recordings.

Zoom: Using Breakout Rooms

Learn how to use and manage Zoom Video Breakout Rooms.

Transition an existing Zoom account to UO's Zoom service

On March 23, 2020, or shortly thereafter, UO students and employees who have existing Zoom accounts with that are associated with their email address will be prompted to choose to either 1) Transition those accounts into UO's new enterprise Zoom service or 2) Change the email address associated with the account. This page provides instructions for both options.