Zoom Support Structure and Access


This article is designed to explain the support structure for Zoom and its plugin within Canvas, the UO's course management service, and how to access its different features.

Service breakdown

The Zoom software is primarily administered by Information Services. Zoom's presence in Canvas is administered by the Office of the Provost's UO Online team. The table below describes how the support is divided.

Information Services UO Online
  • Account information 
  • Software updates 
  • Integrations with other software (Outlook) 
  • Access to the Zoom HIPAA client 
  • Zoom functions (breakout rooms, polling, screen sharing, audio/video, etc.) 
  • Zoom web and desktop (settings, how to pull reports, etc.) 
  • Zoom licensing, webinars, and add-ons  
  • Zoom error messages 
  • Cloud and local recording questions 
  • Online event questions (how-tos, options) 
  • Zoom online engagement  
IS Support Canvas Support

How to access Zoom

Web Portal

The web portal for Zoom allows you the most access to your Zoom account. On the web portal you can: 

  • Schedule a meeting or webinar  
  • Manage cloud recordings 
  • Check licensing  
  • Pull usage reports for your meetings and webinars  

You can also manage:

  • Meeting Settings (Normal and Advanced) 
  • Recording Settings (Local and Cloud) 
  • Email Notification Settings  
  • Profile Settings (Change name, photo, personal link or meeting ID.) 

To access the Zoom web portal for UO, please visit the UO Zoom Settings page and click Sign in.

Zoom Desktop App

Note: It is extremely important that the desktop app is kept up to date. If your device is managed by your IT department, please contact your local IT support before installing Zoom.

The Zoom desktop app allows you to access Zoom outside of a web browser and is recommended by Zoom

On the desktop app you have access to: 

  • Schedule a meeting  
  • Join a meeting 
  • View upcoming meetings 
  • Start an instant meeting with your Personal Meeting ID 
  • Chat with contacts 
  • Add contacts 
  • A selection of Zoom Settings: 
    • Meeting ID 
    • General 
    • Video 
    • Audio 
    • Share Screen 
    • Chat 
    • Background & Filters 
    • Recording 
    • Profile 
    • Statistics 
    • Keyboard Shortcuts 
    • Accessibility 

Zoom in Canvas

To access Zoom via your Canvas classroom, login to Canvas, then go to your class and click on the link for Zoom Meetings.  

  • You will be able to schedule a new meeting 
  • You can see your upcoming meetings 
  • You can see previous meetings 
  • You will see your Personal Meeting room  
  • You will see the cloud recordings for meeting scheduled in Canvas 
  • This provides your students with easy access to all your Zoom meetings and recordings 


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