Recording then uploading Zoom meetings at UO


This article is designed to guide Zoom users through the process of setting up their Zoom application to record video and how to upload them to cloud platforms licensed by the University of Oregon.

Zoom allows hosts to record meeting content to be stored on the host's computer for storage on their computer or device or to prepare for uploading to a hosting service. While Zoom has the capability of recording directly to their cloud service, the university has other available cloud-based platforms that are licensed for use by faculty, staff, and students.

Setting up Zoom for recording

In order to ensure that Zoom will record to your computer or device (saving locally), you will need to access your Zoom settings.

  1. Go to UO Zoom and select Sign In. Use your Duck ID to authenticate.
  2. Select Settings then select the Recordings tab.
  3. Select the toggle icon adjacent to Local Recording to ensure that the setting is turned on
    1. Choose to Save chat messages from the meeting / webinar
    2. Choose to Save closed caption as a VTT file which will help with ensuring captions are available.
      1. Note: Captions need to be edited for accessibility reasons when you upload the video.
  4. Ensure that the Cloud Recording and Allow cloud recording settings are disabled

This will ensure that you can only record to your computer or device.

When the meeting ends, the video files will go a specific folder determined by Zoom:

  1. Open the Zoom application
  2. Select your user profile avatar icon (in the upper-right corner)
  3. Then, choose Settings
  4. Select Recording from the options along the left side
  5. Your Zoom video folder path will be at the top of that screen. You can edit it to another folder in your file system if you choose

Uploading video files to other UO cloud services

You can upload video files to UO Dropbox, UO OneDrive, or UO Panopto depending on your purposes for your video content.

Additional Resources

For additional assistance, please submit a ticket with the Zoom Support service page.

For Panopto and Canvas assistance, please reach out to or visit UO Online:


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