Uploading files to Dropbox


This article is intended to guide you through the process of uploading files to Dropbox at the University of Oregon.

Please Note: If you have questions about data storage, data classification, or what can and cannot be stored in Dropbox, please contact the Information Security Office via the Create a Ticket button on the Information Security Consulting service page.

From Dropbox.com

  1. Open a web browser and go to Dropbox.
  2. Enter in your UO email address and you will be redirected to sign-in using your Duck ID and password.
  3. Once authenticated, you can drag and drop your file on to your web browser from your computer's file system or you can select Upload and select the file.

From a desktop folder

Please Note: You will need to download the Dropbox application to have a connected desktop folder.

Once the Dropbox application is installed, it will create a folder on your computer's file system. You can access this file through File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (macOS) or through the Dropbox application.

  1. Once the application is open, a Dropbox icon will appear in the Windows System Tray or the Finder Toolbar.
  2. Select the Dropbox icon and select the folder icon to find the desktop folder.
  3. Drag and drop any files from your computer's file system into the folder to upload.

From the mobile application

Download (if necessary)

Please consult the Installing the Dropbox Application article for more information.

Sign in first

  1. Once Dropbox is installed, select Sign In, select Having trouble signing in?, then select Single Sign-On.
  2. Enter your university email address then select Next. This will open a web browser that will require you to complete the sign-in process. Select Allow.
  3. This will bring you back to the Dropbox application.

Upload the file

  1. Select the Upload button from the Dropbox application's home screen.
    1. Note for iOS users: You may need to select which files have access to Dropbox first. Select your desired access level to proceed.
  2. Select the files that you wish to upload, then select Next.
  3. You can then edit the file name if you wish and choose the folder to which you wish to upload, then select Upload.

Additional Resources

For additional Dropbox at UO related articles, please consult our Dropbox category page.

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