A campus-wide solution for managing and coordinating space and resource assignments for academic classes and university events.

Articles (12)

Accessing EMS Training Portal

Accruent provides in-depth interactive training for the university's enterprise scheduling software, EMS. This article details how to access the training.

Accessing EMS Web Client

Getting access and logging in to the EMS web client.

Installing EMS Desktop Client

How to install the EMS desktop client software.

Overview of EMS Structure

Overview of EMS terminology and concepts.

Adding resources to booking

Guide to adding resources to a booking in EMS.

Creating a multi-day reservation (single room and multi-room)

Guide for creating multi-day reservations in EMS.

Creating a single-day reservation

Guide for creating single-day reservations in EMS.


Guide to the EMS dashboard and notifications.

How to build a report

Overview of report creation in EMS.

Searching for existing reservations/bookings

Searching for existing reservations in EMS.

Sending confirmation emails to requestors

Guide to sending confirmation emails to requestors in EMS.

Wizards tool

Guide to the EMS Wizards tool which allows for the duplication or editing of reservations, bookings, booking details, and booking detail items.